Welcome to Surrogate Partner Partner Therapy!

My name is Shai Rotem, and I was born and raised in Israel where I became a certified surrogate partner in 1997. I’ve since then become an international mentor, trainer, and supervisor in the field. I work according to the Masters and Johnson’s professional-clinical surrogate partner therapy model. I was supervised by internationally renowned Dr. Ronit Aloni, and follow that multidisciplinary rehabilitation model.

I am excited to share my passion for this healing work with those who can truly benefit from it. I believe that the mind and body are great teachers and my goal is to help you to establish a delightful, satisfying, and rewarding connection with both. In a safe, warm environment, we co-create space for you to achieve a new level of comfort with yourself – and with others, so that you can be healthy, whole, and confident in the outside world and in all of your relationships.

I believe that:
Every person deserves to be loved and every person deserves to be in a loving relationship.”

About My Surrogacy Practice:
As a surrogate partner I help women with concerns or issues around intimacy, relationships, sexuality, communication, dating, and body image. I specialize in, but am certainly not limited to, helping women overcome Vaginismus and other physical challenges and concerns, and guiding them to improve their abilities in creating healthy relationships with men. Part of the client-surrogate process is that in our work together, we create a mini relationship with a beginning, middle, and end. This can be a transformative process for both the client and myself.

My practice is based in Los Angeles, California. I also work internationally.

Additionally, I lecture, train, and teach about Surrogate Partner Therapy and related topics in graduate schools and clinics worldwide.

In my surrogacy practice I work with clients in conjunction with a sex therapist. The client sees their therapist for verbal therapy and see me for experiential sessions. By seeing both the surrogate partner and therapist the client has a holistic process which also provides high level of support and opportunity to overcome major issues and heal past traumas.

The sessions are designed to build the client’s self-confidence, communication skills, understanding of sensuality, and learn about physical and emotional intimacy in a safe space. This is accomplished through structured exercises in communication, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, touching techniques and social skills development.

You will:
• More comfortable being around men
• Feel comfortable with intimacy
• Get a better and deeper connection with your body
• Have a better relationship with your body
• Reduce anxiety
• Increase your sensitivity and body awareness
• Learn how to feel comfortable in sexual environment
• Release old beliefs and anxieties around sex
• Feel more confident as a lover
• Gain self-love and self-acceptance
• Overcome sexual problems
• Unlock your sexual potential
• Develop social skills to make you a better date
• Address adult virginity
• Improve your body image

This is not just a career for me, it is a life journey. It is my honor and privilege to be a part of your healing process. Whenever I receive a post card or wedding announcement from a former client to let me know of her accomplishments in love and life, it fills me with great joy, purpose and happiness.

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