Note about IPSA

I am aware of the allegations appearing on IPSA website.

1. Since neither IPSA nor Vena Blanchard have responded to my attorney’s numerous requests to name and detail my supposed “ethical violations,”
we are filing a defamation lawsuit against the organization and its principals. Please know that I have not been charged under any law for unethical behavior.

2. Since the field of surrogate partner therapy is not regulated by the state/government, it’s important to realize that:
A. There is NO governing body for the profession.
B. IPSA is NOT a governing body, it is merely a trade association.
C. There is no need for a certification/license to work as a surrogate partner.
D. Although IPSA pretends to act as a “governing body” for surrogate partners- it is NOT.

3. I worked at IPSA for more than 5 years, until May 2013. After I decided to part ways with IPSA and grow my own practice, certain members of the group started trying to smear me and harm me professionally.

In my entire life and the 20 years I have spent working as a surrogate partner, I have never stopped helping people and serving clients. I work with licensed sex therapists around the world and I will never stop offering this sacred, healing service to people in need.

Please feel free to email me regarding this matter or any other matter. I am here to serve.

Shai Rotem

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