About Shai

Shai Rotem is the founder of The Center for Professional Clinical Surrogate Partner Therapy. He is an experienced, certified surrogate partner since 1997. He is also a member, trainer, and supervisor in the SPTO (Surrogate Partner Therapy Organization)– the professional organization for experts in the field of SPT. In his work, he helps clients with vast variety of physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual issues.

Shai was born and raised in Israel. In 2006 he moved to Los Angeles, California where he works as a mentor, trainer, lecturer, teacher, healer and a coach. He gives lectures and presentations about SPT (Surrogate Partner Therapy) and healthy sexuality on a regular basis in graduate schools and clinics in the Los Angeles area.

Shai has a BA degree in Psychology, he is certified in the Energy Healing arts, Reflexology, and meditation techniques.

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